" Kriya and meditation enables you to bath in the inner fountain of bliss. You will be surprised to uncover the treasure house of joy hidden within you. Ajapa is truly the essence of all the forms of Yoga.
-- Bipin Joshi
Meditation Teacher | Software Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this course for?

This course is intended for people interested in taking meditative approach to Chakras and Kundalini for their spiritual progress. Prior awareness about meditation, Shiva-Shakti metaphore, Kundalini, and Chakras is expected. Devotional attitude towards Shiva and his yogic teachings is required. If you are looking for improved focus, peace of mind, and blissful inner connection through yogic kriyas and meditation this is the course for you.

2. What will be taught as a part of this course?

As a part of this course you will be taught a set of meditative practices called Kriyas. Each Kriya consists of a specific breathing pattern, Mantra, Mudra, and Dhyana. Together these Kriyas help you cleanse and balance Chakras, Nadis, and awaken the dormant spiritual energy called Kundalini Shakti.

3. I am already practicing some other meditation and mantra. Can I join this course?

Yes. You can join this course. However, we suggest that you keep your existing practice separate from the Kriyas taught in this course. Do not mix them with each other in any way.

4. Are there any lifestyle rules that I need to follow after the completion of this course?

No. There are no rigid lifestyle rules or guidelines to be followed. However, regular practice of the Kriyas taught in the course backed by Satvik lifestyle will be extremely beneficial.

5. Do I need to do any preparation before joining the course?

No. Although there is no specific preparation to be done we suggest that you practice the basic technique of Ajapa Japa as outlined in the quick start guide for a few days. Also, make sure that you have basic familiarity with the concept of Chakras and Kundalini.

6. Does this course involve any kind of initiation or diksha?

No. This course is not a formal initiation or diksha into any path, lineage, or mantra. This course aims at teaching you a particular technique of meditation that combines breath, mantra, mudras, and dhyana.

However, if you are interested you can request personal mantra and Shiva Upasana upon course completion.

7. Can I ask my questions or doubts after the course is over?

Yes. You can ask your doubts or seek clarification related to the Kriyas taught in this course any time during or after the course.