" Pay close attention to your breath just as you do to curly braces and semicolons (while programming). Breath is a master key to mind and meditation.
-- Bipin Joshi
Meditation Teacher | Software Consultant

Ajapa Meditation - A Quick Start For Beginners

Explore the joy of a simple yet powerful meditation technique that acts as a stepping stone for higher kriyas and meditations. This is a preparatory practice for joining the online course.
1. Sit in any meditative posture

If you can't sit in any cross-legged postion you can sit in a chair or any other comfortable position. Keep your spine and head straight. Rest your hands on the knees or keep them in your lap.

2. Close your eyes and become aware of your natural breathing

Simply observe your natural breathing. Do not try to alter the pace in any way. Let your breath assume a steady and enjoyable rhythm.

3. As you inhale mentally say "So" ( सो )

Remember, you should be chanting it mentally. Your lips or tongue shouldn't move while chanting. You aren't chanting the mantra vocally.

4. As you exhale mentally say "Ham" ( हं )

The process is same as above except that you are synchronizing exhalation with mental recitation of "Ham".

5. Continue chanting the SoHam mantra with each breath as long as you want

Continue as long as you want. Recommended duration for beginners is 108 breaths (or equivalent time). Remember, inhalation is "So" and exhalation is "Ham". One breathing cycle is one mental recitation of SoHam.

6. Stop chanting the SoHam ( सोऽहं ) mantra

Once you complete the desired duration of the practice, stop the mental chanting of SoHam mantra but remain aware of your breathing.

7. Become aware of your surroundings and open your eyes

With eyes still closed, become aware of your surroundings. Then gently open your eyes.

Try this variation

In the technique described above you use SoHam (सोऽहं) mantra and you begin the practice with inhalation. You can also use HamSah (हंसः) mantra and begin the practice with exhalation. As you exhale mentally say "Ham" and as you inhale mentally say "Sah".

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We have given the basic form of Ajapa Meditation as taught by Bipin Joshi above. Just like most of the yogic techniques, Kriya and Meditation is best learned under the guidance of an expert teacher well-versed in the art and science of classical yoga. If you are keen to receive more in-depth personal online guidance and mentoring from him details are available here.